Monday, June 28, 2010

Knitting Funk

For the first time in years, I just don't feel like knitting. I don't know if it's the heat or the fact that I'm in a terrible knitting rut (another turquoise sweater anyone?), but I just don't feel like picking up my knitting needles these days.

Despite the lack of knitting, I have been busy crafting up a storm. A couple of weeks ago I was bitten by the origami bug and suddenly had the crazy urge to make a lot of paper cranes. I ended up stringing dozens and dozens of paper cranes into a giant mobile.


Besides lending some whimsy to our apartment, the cats find it highly entertaining.

I've also been busy making dozens and dozens of tissue paper flowers and luminarias over the past few weeks. My grandmother's 85th birthday party is late next month, and we're planning on decorating my parents' home with copious amounts of these in one of my grandma's favorite colors: pink. They're cheap, cheerful, and perhaps most importantly, easy to make.

Paper Flowers

I've actually lost count of how many of these I've folded now, and I've still got a good deal of tissue paper to use up. Since the party is back in Texas, I'm planning on shipping them folded up and fluffing them out once I arrive. I've got my fingers crossed that this plan will work out alright.

I've also been doing a lot of sewing this summer, mostly to prepare for the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. After attending various Renaissance festivals for most of my life, this is the year that I'm finally embracing ye olde inner nerd and dressing in costume. While not it's not historically accurate, I'm making Simplicity 3809. I'm actually planning on combining both costumes, making the skirt and bodice on the left and the short-sleeved blouse/chemise on the right.

So far, I've got the skirt and the blouse completed and plan to start piecing the bodice together later this week. Not surprisingly, H. isn't entirely on board with dressing up (yet!), so I'm not sure what I'm sewing for him, if anything.

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  1. I've always wanted to get Larry into a pair of tights and a poet's shirt. I'll probably have to drug him until he passes out...