Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Estate Sale Bounty

One early Saturday morning in November, I got a call from my mom asking if I wanted her to purchase a bunch of knitting supplies she had just found at an estate sale. There were some of those "joined needles," a case of "regular needles," and a bunch of pattern booklets all for $20.00.


I was half-asleep at the time, but, of course, I said "sure!" I'm sure glad I didn't pass it up because I found a few interesting treasures.


One of my favorite things is a handwritten pattern for a "Man's Knit Shoe" that I found tucked down in the needle case. It really excited me because I have dozens of similar slips of paper with sock and hat patterns on them. Anyone have any idea what kind of slipper this is?


My other favorite thing is this groovy crocheted dress pattern. I'm sort of afraid I'm going to "have to" make it at some point.


Though, I think I'll have to pass on the Tiger-Tiger sweater.

1 comment:

  1. I survived the era* that those sweaters were "in". (*Which also included fringed suede jackets, elephant bell pants, and macrame plant hangers.)
    Your mother found the patterns in an estate sale.
    I feel ancient.